First Post

Posted 24 Feb 2023

This is my first post on this new site of mine. It’s kind of nice, being able to write this in markdown and have it translated into HTML.

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I’m probably going to use this space as a dev diary of sorts for my projects, posting bi-weekly updates maybe on progress on my game projects. I think it would be a good thing for my mental to look back and see how far I progressed, and also as a time capsule for myself. I know a lot of people say creating a dev blog for your projects is a bad idea if you have a habit of just going silent for months, but I’m hoping this helps me keep on top of development along with setting up a schedule for myself to work on my projects every couple of days.

I might even share some discoveries or useful tools or resources I find, with credit of course if applicable.

print('Hello, world!')

Here’s hoping this works out well for me and anyone watching my progress.

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